Leather is the much sought after material in bags, wallets and even iPad cases . Both man and women see branded leather purchases/or gifts to loved ones as an apple of the eye .

In the past , man will buy handbags like Louis Vuitton iPad Case, Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad Case , Gucci iPad Sleeve or Burberry iPad Case for their love ones . Today more intelligent man tries to surprise their darlings by buying branded Louis Vuitton iPad Case for their loved ones .

This action will show that the man is both thoughtful, caring and creative. Imagine :(^ ^) : honey I got you an LV .

The girl says thanks ( thinking she already has many prada bags)
As she opens it ….. 🙂 she appears to be surprise that it’s an pretty looking Louis Vuitton iPad Case for her iPad . She says : dear ! I love it so much !

It’s a happy ending for a great night .