An iPad is an apple of the eye for its owners, to many it has replaced the functions of the laptop . It has the advantage of being lighter and more compact and at times faster than a notebook .An average iPad will cost from 500 USD to 800 USD . So we have every reason to keep this valuable item safe and sound .

We will review the ways of protecting your iPad
1. Get an iPad Case cover along with an iPad smart cover
iPads are made screens are made of a LCDs glass screen to ensure high definition shown to users. Glass is fragile and can be easily broken. So a good case and smart cover is needed to prevent scratches and cracks on the screen. the plastic cover of the iPad needs a protection from scratches too.

2. Get an screen protector
An screen Protector protects the LCD screen from scratches and finger prints. To an extend it also acts as a waterproof protection to the iPad. 

3. Get an iPad keyboard or stylus 
Getting an iPad Keyboard protects
 the screen of the iPad from scratches of finger and keeps the iPadcleaner. 
4. Get an iPad insurance or extend the warranty
Extend the warranty or getting a cheap iPad insurance allows you to have a safe mind on your expensive iPad 
5. Do not charge your iPad while using it and make sure it’s a full charge before unplugging it
6 Do not leave the iPad under the exposed sun and keep it far from the window
Try to avoid the sun and rain on the iPad. Heat and moist usually spoilts electronics equipments.
7 switch off the iPad apps when not in use .
Save the battery power and adjust a sleep mode in case of forgetting to off the iPad