Ever since the iPad by Apple, there is a significant increase in the different touch screen tablets being introduced. Asus, Samsung, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Amazon introduced their android tablets and kindle. Similar to laptops , handphones and Walkmans I will believe that almost everyone will have a tablet.

With every great creation, there will be problems along it. These problems surfaced will be like unnatural holding of the iPad for a long period of time with the hands, uncomfortable view of the iPad and scratches and imprints of finger prints on the iPad due to long hours of tapping the fingers, tiredness in fingers .

An iPad standing case, bluetooth external keyboard and a good stylus will be able to solve the problem mentioned. I will like to review on the stylus and it’s advantages.

A stylus can replaced the finger tapping on the screen. This will prevent nail scratches and fingerprints on the screen on the iPad. Other than protecting the screen , the stylus also brings about comfort to the fingers for long hours of typing or gaming . Some users said using the stylus help them in games like fruit Ninja and war strategy games. A stylus also acts as a direct replacement as a pen a for professional writer who is using apps like write pad to write a story or a student who writes / draw pictures and mind-maps.

The stylus are of nice and sleek designs mimicking the look of a professional or fountain pen. They come in feminine colors pink, red and light blue and and male colors come in black, brown and dark blue.

Some of the good stylus include Griffin, targus and Acase.

I personally think the stylus is a innovative product with many advantages . So why wait now get a good stylus for yourself or as a give for friends and loved ones today !

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